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Combine the Victorious is the spirited husband and wife collaboration of producer Mark R Henning and designer Isabelle Dunlop.

Already independently successful in their chosen fields, their instinct for song writing was soon realized on their debut full-length, The World Over. The record received both critical and popular praise, including inclusion on compilations as far afield as Toronto and the Czech Republic! Lead single, Blue Kitchen went on to become the theme song for the television series About A Girl - one of 8 songs licensed from the record.

Subsequent releases, Disagreements and Crumbling Hearts saw the band refining their musical identity, distilling to a powerful, evocative essence, perfectly captured on the standout track from Crumbling Hearts, Glasgow, where sumptuous guitars weave in and out of Mark's wily groove, a perfect backdrop for Isabelle's melancholy lyric and heart-breaking melody.


Now in 2020 after almost a year of covid era restrictions Combine the Victorious is set to release their new material, starting with the ominous trip-hop like "What's Going On In Your Head." Born in the Los Angeles living of producer Stefan Sigerson, this is the darkest the duo has ever ventured, with dissonant icy synths matched with thick bass and beautiful vocals.

Once again Combine the Victorious fuse elements of electronica, rock, dance and pop into a unique and compelling soundscape. What's Going On In Your Head will be followed by a Valentine's day release, all to be part of another full length for 2021.



2020 - What's Going On In Your Head (single)

2019 - The Bolsheviks (single)

2015 - Autonomous

2012 - Crumbling Hearts

2010 - Rec:'10 (Boutique Empire compilation)

2008 - Disagreements

2007 - The World Over