Combine the Victorious

Indie Electronic Pop from Vancouver

Goodbye Bad Times sheds the doubts of the day to day with an uplifting chorus to challenge the narrative of the times.  Positive words set to melancholic melodies, indie  meets disco. Combine the Victorious is creating adult pop music for the 21st century. 

Dark melodic music from the west coast of Canada, Combine the Victorious offers up a modern take on trip-hop and dance music. After more than a decade, three albums, two eps and several singles, Combine the Victorious is now a three piece. Isabelle Dunlop and Mark Henning are joined by guitarist Daniel Clement to create the most full sounding version of the band since 2007's indie rock beginnings. 

In The past few years the group has released nine singles, all related to a darker, 90's sound, influenced by the likes of Portishead and Morcheeba. With Dan's addition to the group things have begun opening up to a lighter side and dance elements returning to the sound.

Prior to 2023 the group was primarily a studio project that succeeded in licensing over 20 songs to television and advertising. This past year saw a concerted effort to expand on live performances as a way to extend their audience. 2024 will have much more focus on performing outside of hometown Vancouver. 

Combine the Victorious began in 2007 with the indie rock album The World Over. Husband and wife team Mark Henning (producer/musician Pure, Headlong Hearts) and Isabelle Dunlop (fashion designer/singer) tried their hand at writing together and the very first song they finished later was licenced as a theme song for the television series “About a Girl” (Brightlight Pictures). Over the years 21 tracks have secured placement on series from Netflix (Tiny Pretty Things, The Order), CBC (Fakes), CTV (Whistler) The CW (90210) FOX (Animal Control) and several independent documentaries and dramas.  


Press / Reviews

The single continues a string of meticulously crafted music and videos from producer Mark Henning and vocalist Isabelle Dunlop. The mix of dreamy textures and solid beat places the tune in line with the lot of mid-nineties U.K. pop that is experiencing a comeback.” - Stuart Derdeyn

The Vancouver Sun

Combine The Victorious drop a dark sultry gem with their new single Rushes Over Me. The singers exotic seductive essences beams with mystery, an affect accentuated in the songs hazy music video. It effectively illuminates the collective groups aura and mystique. The instrumentation and arrangement reflect the Trip Hop aesthetic of Thievery Corporation while leaning into a darker composition relative to the underground. It’s a cinematic urban indie appeal, with the trademark trumpet inspiring visions of gloomy rainy alleys where shady lustful agents crawl creepily. Check out the video and dig into the song now on our Women of Trip Hop Playlist. ”

The Wild is calling

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combine the victorious, jean vercoe photo, 2024

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