Goodbye Bad Times - single

combine the victorious, danser tout le temps

Danser tout le temps - single

How lucky I am to be able to come to work and find this wonderful song! It is without a doubt the best to start the day! It's genius from start to finish! Despite the duration, you have no idea how much I enjoyed it! this is a ten” - Dave Parlow


I Really Like Your Style - Combine the Victorious - Robert Edmonds art

I Really Like Your Style

"Wow!! That style!! Well their music definitely's got some style...!!!! Amazing intro, wonderful voice! The song has a great summer vibe! I would love to see them performing live at a beach bar while I'm having my cocktail! the arrangement is DOPE, the production is great. The lyrics are simple, but clever!! The album cover shows also some character... I truly love the music transitions. I can't say anything negative about that song! I really like their style... "”

rushes over me combine the victorious

Rushes Over Me

Combine The Victorious drop a dark sultry gem with their new single Rushes Over Me. The singers exotic seductive essences beams with mystery, an affect accentuated in the songs hazy music video. It effectively illuminates the collective groups aura and mystique. The instrumentation and arrangement reflect the Trip Hop aesthetic of Thievery Corporation while leaning into a darker composition relative to the underground. It’s a cinematic urban indie appeal, with the trademark trumpet inspiring visions of gloomy rainy alleys where shady lustful agents crawl creepily. Check out the video and dig into the song now on our Women of Trip Hop Playlist. ”

The Wild is Calling