Goodbye Bad Times - live at the Rickshaw Theatre

Noir chrome pierced by violent light illuminates the chic nostalgic vibe of Danser tout le temps, the new video and single from Combine The Victorious. The inspired performance full of attitude and rhythmic pump thrives with conviction. There’s an authenticity seeping from every facet of this immaculate moment, as the essence of this style seeps from every orifice in this room. ”

The Wild is Calling

I love this video and track combination, it really is a perfect marriage of the two. ” - Chris Marshall - A&R The Playground
The single continues a string of meticulously crafted music and videos from producer Mark Henning and vocalist Isabelle Dunlop. The mix of dreamy textures and solid beat places the tune in line with the lot of mid-nineties U.K. pop” - Stuart Derdeyn

The Vancouver Sun

Shades of The The. Powerful and atypical chord changes/progression. I love how the song builds and the tension... accumulates.” - Greg Hanbury